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Square Dancing is the Official State Dance of Oregon


Blue Mountains Council

The Blue Mountains Council covers far eastern Oregon, from the BlueMountains just east of Pendleton through the Idaho border.

Baker City Elkhorn Swingers IOOF Hall
1720 Main St
call ahead 541-523-3721
La Grande LaGrande Star Promenaders Fort Union Grange
63161 Gekeler Ln
call ahead 541-910-2120
Milton-Freewater Muddy Frogs Milton-Freewater Comm Bldg
NE 5th and Ward
call ahead 541-861-9055

Central Oregon Council

The Central Oregon Council covers a large area right in the middle of the state.  It covers from Mt Hood southward to La Pine, and from the Cascade Mountains eastward to John Day.

Bend Bachelor Beauts Pine Forest Grange
63214 Boyd Acres Rd.
1&3 Sat 541-306-4897
Bend Sundown Round Dance Club Pine Forest Grange
63214 Boyd Acres Rd
2nd Mon 541-385-8074
Bend Swinging Mountaineers Plus Pine Forest Grange
63214 Boyd Acres Rd
2&4 Fri 541-382-7939
Powell Butte Sagebrush Shufflers Ochoco Elementary School
440 NW Madras Highway
2&4 Sat 541-948-4556
Prinveville Crook County Mavericks Prineville Elks Club & Clog House Redmond
1st & Main Prineville & 1998 SE Canal Blvd in Redmond
1st Monday--Prineville 3rd Monday--Redmond 541-447-1753
Redmond Red Rock Squares Redmond Grange
707 SW Kalama
1&3 Fri 541-923-8804

Emerald Empire Council

The Emerald Empire Council covers the southernmost part of the populousWillamette Valley, from the Cascade Range west to the Pacific Ocean. The Emerald Empire hosts the Federation's annual Mid-Winter Square Dance Festival in Albany on the last full weekend of January.

Click here for a comprehensive calendar of square dance events in the Eugene/Springfield and Albany/Corvallis areas.

Cottage Grove Boots & Sandals Trinity Lutheran Church
7th & Quincy
2&4 Sat 541-942-9681
Eugene Spin Cycle Squares Trinity United Methodist Church
440 Maxwell Road
Sundays 541-520-7311
Springfield Cascade Callers & Cuer Assoc Emerald Square Dance Center
2095 Yolanda
5th Saturdays 541-726-8785
Springfield Danebo Circle 8 EmeraldSquare/Round Dance Center
2095 Yolanda Street
1&3 Sat 541-579-4447
Springfield Misty Valley Cloggers Emerald Square Dance Center
2095 Yolanda Street
3rd Fri 541-747-7780
Springfield Single Trees Emerald Square Dance Center
2095 Yolanda
2&4 Fri 541-520-1445
Springfield Whirl-A-Ways Emerald Sq/Rd Dance Center
2095 Yolanda
2&4 Sat 541-953-3156
Springfield Wolf Pack Emerald Square Dance Center / Hall B
2095 Yolanda Street
TBA 541-554-8592
Sweet Home Sweet Home Squarenaders Oak Heights School
6th Elm Street Sweet
2&4 Sat 541-248-2090

Interstate Highlanders

The Interstate Highlanders covers the south central part of the state, from La Pine south over the California border to Tule Lake and Alturas.

Klamath Falls Klamath Country Squares Triad School Student Union
2450 Summers Ln.,
3rd Sat 541-884-1263

Mid-Willamette Council

The Mid-Willamette Area covers the central portion of the lovely Willamette Valley.  Most of the population of Oregon is concentrated around the Willamette River, and the MWA is the Federation's largest council.

Albany Timber Twirlers IOOF Hall
738 SE 5th
1&3 Fri 541-619-2848
Corvallis Corvallis Squares First Congregational Church
4515 NW West Hills Road
2&4 Sat 541-745-7121
Lebanon Lebanon Square Circlers IOOF Hall
20 East Ash Street
1&3 Sat 541-401-9366
McMinnville Braids & Braves McMinnville Grange
1700 Old Sheridan Rd.
3rd Sat 503-437-4384
Newberg Valley River Dancers Chehalem Community Center
2nd & Howard Street
2nd, Fri. (Plus),4th, Fri(Basic 51),5th Sat(A1-2) 503-538-7818
Rickreall Independence Wagon Wheelers Polk County Fairgrounds, Arts & Craft Bldg
520 S. Pacific Hwy W
1&2 Sat 503-393-9320
Rickreall Rounds aRe Us Keizer/Salem Senior Center
930 Plymouth Dr. NE
EveryThu 503-931-0407
Salem Capitol Callers & Cuers Assoc Salem Square Dance Center
3695 - 45th Avenue NE
Meetings on 3rd Sundays, Sept to May 541-974-4978
Salem Cherry City Cloggers Salem Square Dance Center
3695 45th Ave NE;
Every Tuesday evening 503-390-3291
Salem ReVuN'Q Salem Square Dance Center
3695 45th Avenue NE
Every Thursday 503-508-0539
Salem Salem Swingin' Stars Salem Square Dance Center
3695 45th Av NE
1,3,5 Fri 503-931-8299
Salem Willamette Squares Salem Square Dance Center
3695 45th Ave NE
4th Sat 503-856-8740
Silverton Silver City Squares Waldo Hills Community Club
2 Fri 503 881-7800
Woodburn Golden Squares The Estates Auditorium
1776 Country Club Road;
1&3&5 Mon (503)989-9901

Portland Area Council

The Portland Area Council covers the northernmost portion of the Willamette Valley.  It runs from the Willamette River in downtown Portland, eastward up the Columbia Gorge to The Dalles, and north into Vancouver, Washington.

Aurora Chaps & Petticoats Maplewood Grange
25480 S Hwy 99E
1&3 Fri 503-806-5654
Aurora Squaws & Paws Maplewood Grange
25480 S. Hwy 99E
2 Fri & 4 Sat 503-710-1237
Boring Country Cut-Ups Boring Barn
13987 SE Richey Rd.
1&3&5 Sat 503-314-6997
Gresham Country Capers Rockwood Grange
18303 SE Stark St
1&3 Sat 503-666-8307
Hood River Columbia Gorge Plus Rockford Grange
4250 Barrett Drive
1st Fri Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Oct, Nov, Dec 541 296 1570
Milwaukie Heads to the Center Milwaukie Grange
12015 SE 22nd
Every Thursday 503-808-7361
Milwaukie Northwest Callers Association Milwaukie Community Club
10666 SE 42nd Ave
One in Fall. One in Spring. TBA 360-713-8440
Milwaukie River City Dancers Milwaukie Community Center
10666 SE 42nd Ave.
2&3 Sat 503-698-8912
Milwaukie Tumbleweeds Odd Fellows Hall
10282 SE Main St.
Every Friday 503-286-2194
Molalla Floordusters South Clackamas Community Church
8905 S Schneider Rd
Every Monday 503-585-7755
Oak Grove Oaky Doaks Oak Grove Community Club
14496 SE Cedar Ave
1&3 Sat 503-830-4527
Oregon City Bachelor N Bachelorettes Abernethy Grange
15745 S. Harley Ave., Oregon
Every Wednesday 503-690-0447
Portland Checkerboard Squares Rockwood Grange
18305 SE Stark -
2&4 Sat 503-558-1322
Portland Rosetown Ramblers Milwaukie Grange
12015 SE 22nd Ave
1st Sat (503) 318-4257
Tualatin Recycles Winona Grange
8340 Seneca St.
2nd Fri 503 393 2187
Vancouver, WA Buzzin Bees Hazel Dell Grange
7509 NE Hazel Dell Ave
1&3 Sat 360-695-1467
Vancouver, WA Happy Hoppers Clark County Square Dancer Center
10713 NE 117th Ave.
1&3 Sat (360) 892-0336
Vancouver, WA Silver Stars Hazel Dell Grange
7509 NE Hazel Dell Ave.
2&4 Sat 360-606-8849

Rogue-Sis-Q Council

The Rogue-Sis-Q Council covers the extreme southwestern portion of the state, overlapping slightly into far Northern California.  The council name is derived from the beautiful Rogue River Valley which runs through the central part of the area, and the Siskiyou Mountain range on its eastern edge.

Central Point Star Promenaders Rogue Valley Square Dance Center
3377 Table Rock Road,
1st Friday, 2nd & 4th Saturday 541-855-7884
Grants Pass Charlie Brown Squares Josephine County Square Dance Hall
1451 Fairgrounds Road, Grants
1st Sat-MS w/Rds; 3rd Sat - Adv/Plus w/Rds 541-218-2539
Medford Lantz's Dantzers Rogue Valley Square Dance Center
3377 Table Rock Rd
2&3 Fri 541-621-1927
Yreka, CA Circle-N-Square Greenhorn Grange
300 Ranch Lane
3rd Sat 530-841-1747

South Coast Council

The South Coast Council, as the name implies, covers the southernmost portion of Oregon's beautiful Pacific coastline, continuing down into the northern part of California's coastline as well.  It can be argued that the South Coast Council gets the best weather of the entire state!

Coos Bay Saints-N-Aints First United Methodist Church
123 Ocean Blvd - Coos
1st & 3rd Sat. MS with Plus tips 541-269-9793
Coquille Sets In Order Coquille Community Building
61 N. Birch St.
2nd Sat 541-294-7115
Port Orford Beachcombers Beachcombers Cove
43452 Nicholson Dr
4th Sat 541-290-4571

Tualatin Valley Council

The Tualatin Valley Council covers the western part of the Portland metropolitan area, from the Willamette River in downtown Portland westward to the Coast Range, and dips just a bit into Southwestern Washington.  The slow-moving Tualatin River runs through the center of the council.

Aloha Hoedowners Aloha Grange #773
3425 S.W. 185th Ave.
2&4 Sat 503-645-2414
Aloha Valley Squares Aloha Grange
3425 S.W. 185th Ave & TV Hwy
1&3 Sat 503-628-0870
Beaverton Eager Beavers Sunset Presbyterian Church
14986 NW Cornell Rd Portland, OR 97229 - Holidays, Aloha Grange
Every Monday afternoon 503-692-5098
Beaverton Toe Draggers Kinton Grange
19015 SW Scholls Ferry Rd
1&3 Fri 503-590-5858
Garibaldi Wave Steppers Garibaldi City Hall
107 6th Street
2nd Sat 503-322-3819
Hillsboro Sunset Promenaders I.O.O.F. Hall
267 E. Main St.
1&3 Sat 503-647-2126
Longview, WA R Square D Kelso Senior Center
106 NW 8th Ave.
2 Fri, 4 Sat 360-636-3358
Tigard Tri Squares Tigard Grange
13770 SW Pacific Hwy.
1 Sat & 3 Fri 503-524-9973
Tualatin Mix N Mingle Winona Grange
8340 SW Seneca St.
1&3 Sat 503-644-7737
Warrenton Hayshakers Pacific Grange
90475 Hwy 101/Cullaby Lake
1st Sat 503-861-2726

Umpqua Area Council

The Umpqua Area Council covers the southwest part of the state, surrounding the beautiful Umpqua River Valley.

Canyonville Pioneers N Petticoats TBA
TBA 541 874-2185
Roseburg Buckeroo Buckeroo Barn
5051 NE Stephens St
1&3 Sat 541 672-2487
Roseburg Dancing Friends Buckeroo Barn
5051 NE Stephens St
TBA 541-817 7723
Roseburg Timber 8's Buckeroo Barn
5051 NE Stephens St
2&4 Sat 541 459-5278